Benacia Command

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Benacia Command


Active: 1646–the present
In use by: Imperial Forces
Allegiance: Shireroth & Natopia / SANE

Type: Command
Size: 2,789,492 personnel

Current Commander: The Magister Primum
Conflicts & Deployments

An operational theatre command providing strategic level command and control for army sized formations on the continent of Benacia, answerable to the Joint Military Commission of the SANE alliance.


The Benacia Command is by far the largest of the two Shirerithian led theatre commands established under the global apportionment of the continents by the SANE military alliance of Shireroth, Natopia and Constancia. As befits a continent that is three fifths under direct Shirerithian occupation, Benacia Command contains the balance of the Imperial Forces, especially the Imperial Army, the Corps of Auxiliaries, and the fighter and bomber commands of the air force. The eastern third of Benacia is also home to the so-called State Troops of the somewhat autonomous imperial states who remain independent of direct Imperial control except in wartime - a consequence of the Imperial Republic's chaotic political history.

For this reason the organisation of Benacia Command strongly mirrors the organisation of the Imperial Forces themselves, except in that the Palatini Corps, tasked with the defence of Shirekeep and the person of the Kaiser remains firmly under the control of the Imperial Government rather than the alliance at all times.

  • Benacia Command
    • General Staff
      • Information Technology Directorate
      • Logistics Directorate
      • Manpower Directorate
      • Planning Directorate
      • Operations Directorate
      • Military Intelligence Directorate
    • Northern Banner Group
    • Western Banner Group
    • Central Banner Group
    • Southern Banner Group
    • Eastern Banner Group


Unit Type # in Service
Special Forces 19,321
Legionaries 316,224
Auxiliaries 949,185
State Troops TBC
GV(MBT)-1 Bandersnatch 5,457
GV(SPG)-2 Jabberwocky 3,032
GV(LU)-3 Boojum 2,004
GV(CV)-4 Red Queen 2,793
GV(CT)-6 Walrus 3,648
Horjin AFV 2,258
Horjin APC 6,050
Horjin EWV 216
IMW-2 Spidertank 2,784
IMW-3 Snark 142
Trump radar tracking autocannons 2,744
Buk mobile SAM batteries 21
L118 light gun 910
Ordnance QF 13 pounder 7
Pod Personnel Carrier 54,695
Snatch Land Rover 2,319
Light Truck 49,245
Medium Truck 8,294
B-49 Delta 2,305
B-66 Vulcan 218
N-1 Tactical Fighter 19
F-8 Shrike 1,530
A-6 Pundarikam 20
EA-6B Prowler 24
T-2 Saeqeh 67
Nimrod MRA4 3
Spiegelflügel-Taube Amphibious Air-to-Air Refuelling Aircraft 20
GAV(U)-4 Jackalope (CV) 96
GAV(U)-4 Jackalope (UT) 960
AH-1Z Viper 36
Wildcat ASW helicopters 6
Moraquine SRBM 140
Elwynn-class Corvette 7
Protector-class OPV 20
Coastal Patrol Boat 635

Northern Banner Group

Western Banner Group

Central Banner Group

Southern Banner Group

Eastern Banner Group