Alix Verion

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Alix Verion
Full Name: Alix Tiberius Verion
Alias Verion the Younger


Physical Description
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Race: Elfinshi, Norse
Hair Color and Style: Brown, long
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Other: rather muscular

Biographical Information
Father: Kaiser Verion I
Mother: Athiël Elessar
Date of Birth: 1606 AN
Place of Birth: Shirekeep, Shireroth
Date of Death: 1639.6232 AN.ASC
Place of Death: Fletchay, Alrodey
Current Residence(s): Isle of the Dead, Blackstone
Nationality at Birth: Shirithian, Natopian
Current Allegiance(s): Elwynnese Union, Holy Church of the Divine Icebear
Occupation: Count of Illumination and Cimmeria

Alix Tiberius Jacobion-Verion was the Count of Illumination and Cimmeria and heir to the Imperial line of Verion. He lived out his subsequent exile from Elwynn as Lord Regent of Alrodey in Natopia before passing on his inheritance to his son Ludovic Verion who went on to found the Iron Company.

Early life

Alix Verion was born the oldest son of Kaiser Verion I and Athiël Elessar, and as such was largely of Elfinshi ancestry, even though the characterisic earshape was not found in Alix. As oldest son of the Kaiser, Alix inherited the Countship of Illumination and Cimmeria. At the age of 4, Alix entered an arranged betrothal with Alissa Al-Osman which was arranged by his father and Tokaray al-Osman in order to bring the northern counties closer to the Elwynnese state following the disruptions of the Icebear Rebellion. However, Alix and Alissa didn't meet each other until ten years after.

Alix joined the Cimmerian Militia in 1621, against the wishes of his father.

An Elwynnese Nobleman

As the son of a Kaiser, a great future was ahead for Alix. He rose to prominence in politicial life, serving as Minister of Military Affairs and as an advisor to the Prince of Elwynn.

As a young man, Alix moved to Cimmeria where he became deeply committed to the Cimmerian nationalist movement, reviving ancient symbols and embracing the Barbarian lifestyle. The traditional Cimmerian attire Alix now had chosen a a daily dress was frowned upon by other members of the Shirithian nobility.

Exile and death

Tragically for Alix, as he left Shireroth behind, and transitioned from the ASC back to the AN chronology he became unstuck in time and aged rapidly whilst serving as Lord Regent of Alrodey before going to an early grave through the effects of Temporal Haemorrhaging.