Verion Hymn

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The Verion Hymn in a piece of music closely related to the House of Verion, as well as the official anthem of the Lordship of Blackstone.

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In ancient times, in deep Elfinshi forests

our noble race has proudly sung this chorus:

and praised the deeds of Elu, prince of princes,

who once our people ruled and ever since is

The father of the House we represent.

Both whom remain, and those who onward went.

From Ice and Fire, to stone and swamp we laboured

we strove and fought, with pride and faith enarmoured.

We reached the heights of worldly recognition,

but through this all, our House’s only mission

was to endure and witness to the name

Of Verion’s first, of Elu and his fame.

With spear or axe, or sword or magic prowess,

our father stood, defending to allow us

to live in peace, to built, to grow, to strengthen

the splendid hour of Verion glory lengthen.

And, come the night of trouble to our line,

through thickest clouds, the star of Verion shines.


The Hymn is used as the national anthem of the Lordship of Blackstone.

Listen to the Verion Hymn

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