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HMY Urania

Type: Imperial Yacht
Place of origin: Natopia

In service: 12th Regnuary, 1508 AN – Present
Used by:
Imperial flag standard6.png
Emperor of the Natopians
Planned 1
Completed: 1
Commissioned: 1

Designed: 1500 AN
Manufacturer: KRS Shipyards, Gotzborg

Length: 88 meters
Beam: 17.7m meters
Propulsion: Triple-expansion steam engine
Range: 2,100 nautical miles
Maximum Altitude:
Speed: 20 knots cruising speed
25 knots maximum speed
Complement: 11 officers
125 yachtsmen
Vehicles carried: 5 lifeboats
1 personal shuttle
Armament: 10-inch multi-arc cannon, forward
Sensors and Processing Systems: Standard radar and GPS

His Majesty's Yacht Urania is the personal vessel of the Emperor of the Natopians, owned and operated by the House of Waffel-Paine. It was purchased from Royal Reichlau Shipyards in 1508 AN by Sovereign Natopian Emperor Nathan I. It was constructed to mimic the style and technology of the early ocean-liners. At some point in 1524, the Emperor ordered a minor refit to the yacht and added two cannons to the fore and aft. The aft cannon was later replaced with a landing pad for a personal shuttle.

Honeymoon Cruise

The Urania, named for the Roman muse of astronomy, has participated in several important missions during Nathan's lifetime. It embarked on a world tour honeymoon cruise after the marriage of Nathan and William. In 1549 the yacht departed Lindstrom Harbor for and made the following stops:

Shireroth, make port in Musica, river cruise to Shirekeep.
Ashkenatza, make port in Klymenburg, jet to Kolmenitzkiy.
Stormark, make port in Haraldsborg
Through Strait of Pearls
Novatainia, make port in Novatica
Craitland, make port in Cherry Trees

Funeral Flotilla

In 1589, the Urania was used to transport the body of Nathan from Caligae, Elwynn, to Doza, Athlon, after Nathan was murdered on the floor of the Elwynnese Senate. The yacht stopped at several ports along the way, most notably Hazelwood City. The Urania was escorted by the NDS Natopia and the NDS Sovereignty.

Family Trip to Elwynn

In 1595, after Nathan had been reanimated by Bous as a living god made of butter, Nathan and his son Nau, used the Urania to visit Nathan's husband and Nau's father, Elijah in Elwynn.

Elijah's Memorial Service

The yacht was used yet again in 1598 to transport the body of Elijah from Port Trias after it had been recovered from Walstadt, to Normark.

Transporting Asara to Haraldsborg

In 1626 the Urania was used to transport the infant Asara from Myrtilis to Haraldsborg where she was fostered at the Imperial Court of Stormark under High King Harald. It received an honor guard from Stormark's navy: the HKMS Ingvar the Far-Travelled and HKMS Ivar the Boneless