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Location: FNR
Type: -
Population: -

Governor: -

Religion: Cedrism

Garrison: Konkordskaya Bratva

Places of Note: The Old University
Date of Founding: ???? AN

A depopulated city in the Froyalanish National Reserve, presently a home for the barracks and families of the Auxiliaries garrisoned in the FNR and assigned to keep the Froyalanish population of Community Service Workers in check.


When the Ashkenatzi forces liberated Amokolia in the Ocian War in early 1557, the only educational institutions in the city were dilapidated concrete blocks spouting forth pro-'fascist' propaganda, their only curriculum being the aggrandisement and development of the personality cult of 'President' Kovacs of Ocia.

With the pan-national rebuilding programme of Amokolia being initiated after the conflict, Ashkenatzi and Tellian aid workers argued vociferously for modern educational institutions teaching modern, applicable skills to allow Amokolia to develop a stable economy and thus develop into a stable Benacian country. To this end, the Tel-Amok University of Amokolia was founded, sponsored almost exclusively by the Republic of Ashkenatza.

As intended, the university catered chiefly for the development of skills pertinent to heavy industry and the information sector. The Business and Economics studies, Industrial Engineering and Management courses of the university were held in high repute. In days past Amokolians from across the border frequently chose to study at Tel-Amok, and in doing so provide valuable industrial expertise to their homeland.

The university was owned by the government of the Kingdom of Amokolia until its dissolution in the aftermath of the Auspicious Occasion of 1651. The Froyalanish and Amokolian teaching staff for the most part either fled to Gascony or were executed in the immediate aftermath of the Partition of Elwynn.