Sighvat the Yardistani

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Sighvat, never showing his face to anyone but his most trusted followers.

Sighvat the Yardistani (1607 Elw - 1640) was a rebellious nobleman with impressive charisma. While originally having lived in Yardistan, he grew fed up with what he perceived as an occupation of his homeland (Yardistan was part of the Imperial States of Lichbrook and Goldshire).

After having caused a riot in Nordagaat in 1633 Elw, he was hurt very badly. His face was damaged beyond recognition, which fuelled his hatred against the authorities more and more. He decided to leave Yardistan behind and gathered a group of his most vocal followers around him.

At that time, he had started to see parallels between his own life and that of the demon Rrakanychan, who had been forced by one of the early Kaisers (most legends talk about Raynor the First) to forever guard the Gate of Balgurd. The demon had been chained to his fate, just like Sighvat and 'his' people. He and his followers soon became fervent Followers of Rrakanychan and travelled throughout the realm. Wherever they go, they assemble dissatisfied people around them - mostly young people - and promise to lead them to a new and better future.

His last whereabouts were the Vale of Angularis, which for quite some time was far enough of the central authorities to live in relative freedom. His plans were however a lot less peaceful than most hoped they are. A key part of the rebel coalition against the Froylandish rulers of Elwynn, Sighvat fought bravely in the resistance but was overwhelmed by the massive government offensive led by Thorgils Tarjeisson and the Union Defence Force. His death was widely reported in 1640 and rumours persist that he was given to the Khan of Cabbagefall to torture to death as a birthday present.