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The so-called "Seventh Republic of Shireroth" was a period in January and Feburary 2001 in which many of today's institutions first took shape. It was remembered as a sort of golden age for several years thereafter, although people do not talk about it often today.

The term "Seventh Republic" refers to a count, long since abandoned, of incarnations of Shireroth. Although the exact logic has been lost, it seems among the other incarnations used to reach the number seven were the Republic of Shireroth, Shireroth as a province of Audentior, and Shireroth as a province of Jasonia. The Seventh Republic was the one created after a secession from Jasonia in December 2000, and was the first to feature the Kaiser, the Duchies, and Malarbor, as well as use the MCS Map. Key figures in the Seventh Republic era were Erik Mortis, who was Kaiser Metzler I and the Duke of Brookshire, Lukedu, who was Duke of Goldshire, and Patrick Foley, Minister of Military Affairs and Duke of Kildare. Greg Russell may have been around during this period as well.

The most important event of the period was the Amity Crisis, in which Kaiser Metzler I claimed Shirerithian sovereignty over the island of Amity on the grounds that he had been its first governor in Jasonian times and that he had done much more with it than the Jasonians. Jasonia claimed Amity also, on the grounds that they had held it forever. Just as the two countries seemed likely to go to war, possibly in a recwar but possibly with a spam cannon, Jasonia backed down and agreed to give Shireroth the island in exchange for fictional currency, which was provided.

The Seventh Republic ended when Erik left Shireroth for personal reasons and the country all but died. It was succeeded by the era of the Commonwealth of Benacia.

Republic Chronology

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