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A real life friend of Erik Mortis and one of Imperial Shireroth's original citizens, Lukedu is also known by the online names VH Fenrir and DanK. Lukedu, along with Patrick Foley, was one of the great heroes of The Seventh Republic. He was the founder of the original Secret Evil Plans,and several other Shirerithian institutions. He was also the first Duke of Brookshire. He is remembered as one of the few people to consistently stay loyal to Shireroth during the turbulent times of 2000 and 2001, and as one of the principle members of the original BOOMist Party, but drifted out of micronations around the spring of 2001.

Lukedu is also the Cedrist God of Explosions, and the Lukedu Center for the Exploding Arts and Novi Dalmacijan city of Lukedugrad are named in his honor.