Rashid Karyandzadeh Arsalani

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Rashid Karyandzadeh Arsalani-Kaliriyun, born 1472 in Shahzamin, died 1574 in Kamalshahr, was a Babkhan nobleman and politician, Emir of Sathrati (1544-1574). He is the eldest son of Rashid Ayreon and Ylva Karjanzdottar Andelarion, and is a veterinary practitioner by training.

He led a quiet life, with some political activity, until his father ascended to the Kapav Throne in 1529. He was a member of the Babhan Majlis from 1544 until his death. He married Nael Vidarion, an Elwynnese biologist, in 1515. They had a son in 1518, Daniyal Nelzadeh (Daniel Naelion), who grew up in Elwynn until 1529, when the family relocated to Babkha.

Aged 102, he and his son died in an airplane accident in Babkha in 1574. They died only a week before the birth of Daniyal's son Daniel Simrani-Kalirion.

Preceded by:
Rashid Arsalani
Emir of Sathrati
Succeeded by:
Daniel Kalirion