Puritanian Guidance Authority

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Puritanian Guidance Authority
Active: 1642 AN - Present
Motto To Protect and Build
In use by: Chamber of the Crypteia
Allegiance: Shireroth

Type: Imperial Agency (IHA/MinInt/MoMA)
Size: 30,000+
Nickname: -

Current Director: Waldemar Zinkgraven
Notable Actions

The Puritanian Guidance Authority is a cross-departmental Imperial Agency tasked with oversight and assistance to the autonomous governments of Dietsland, Puritania and Voltrue as they develop their capacity for home-rule as the Confederacy of Puritanian States.

In the aftermath of the Oustfest Massacre of 1644, Laqi Hyrrion, Gwilherm Albus (Crypteia), Maela Magali Soler (Imperial Forces) & Lucretia Raggi (Imperial Constabulary) were liquidated in a series of ambushes and massacres that left the PGA in the care of Waldemar Zinkgraven. Zinkgraven followed the interests of the Office of Bounties and Factorage, distancing himself from the regime of Aurangzeb II Steffki when his patron, Ludovic Verion, did so, and later pledging allegiance to Kaiseress Noor when it became clear that her cause was in the ascendant.


List of directors

1642–1644: Laqi Hyrrion
1644–the Present: Waldemar Zinkgraven