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Loki is the Cedrist god of Mischief and Chaos. Named for the Norse God of the same. Loki's twin brother is Ikol the God of Tranquility and his younger sister is Ifni the Goddess of chance. Loki has one child, Eris the Goddess of Discord.

Loki Koan

As related by Gryphon Avocatio Gathr came forth pleadingly to His Lord Loki, and in humbleness asked the God "Tell me, oh Lord! How doth a man reach the Hala and the Fjell?" Loki came down from the Hala. He took the man up with him to the grand heights above the Valan Mountains to the North. Loki said "How dost thou get down from these mountains?" Loki left the man. The man began returning from the mountains. A beast jumped from the rocks above. Despite his best efforts, he was no match for the beast and the beast devoured the man. In Himl, Loki met the man. He spake: "Thou hast failed the Gods. Thou couldst not come down from thy hill. Gathr, thou art not worthy of the Hala. Prove thyself in the next life." And Gathr was reincarnated as Alm Grifos

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