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Currently known as Liam Sinclair, (also known as Lord Montin, and previously known as Ras Noseworthy (2003 to 2005), Scooter Mk2 (2001 to 2003)) is a prominent micronationalist who specialises as a micronational historian and journalist. As the founder and CEO of the Royal Institute of Micronational Antiquities, he has contributed numerous papers and publications on current and past events in the Anglophone Sector. He served as a close adviser to Gotzborg's King August Charles II and, from 27 May 2007, is the Lord Protector of Gotzborg and Ambassador Plenipotentiary.


Coming from Interland in 2001 he was the Minister of Defense of the United Republic of Tymaria, replacing Diga Makonnen who resigned after the TYSOG Incident. He had also participated in many Micro-Monde micronations, including New Macadam, South Mondesia, Amerada, and Pacary.

In Amerada, Sinclair was very active in its partisan politics. He voiced strong opposition to the rule of Earl Washburn, although he started a movement to cooperate with Washburn as Vice-President of Amerada later in that micronation's history. Following the defeat of Earl Washburn in the December 2002 presidential election, Sinclair served under President Nicholas Bridgewater. He founded the Amerada History Society through which he published "Amerada: The Story of a Nation", which is the main resource of Ameradian history.

An early citizen of the Republic of Aerlig, from 2002, Sinclair played an important role in the initial development of the Aerlig Defence Forces and, despite his micronational energies being focused elsewhere, continues to participate regularly in the micronation. He was a key supporter of the merger of Aerlig and Treesia to form the United Baronies of Aerlig and Treesia. Sinclair also held citizenship in Treesia from 2001, though he maintained little activity in that micronation due to his fundamental disagreement with its more pronounced fantasy role-playing aspects.

Sinclair left Amerada in August 2003 to focus his energies on his role in Attera. Having joined Attera in May 2002 following his leave from Tymaria, he soon being active in the foreign affairs of the nation. He was the longest serving Prime Minister of Attera (December 2002 to August 2004), bringing Attera into the modern micronational world through diplomacy. After the end of his prime ministry, Sinclair, having been the architect of the modern Atteran state over his eighteen months as Prime Minister, became the nation's top civil servant and served in several roles. He served as the Chief Electoral Officer for Attera from October 2002 to February 2005, when he renounced his Atteran citizenship due to a dispute with the Emperor of the Atterans, Diga Makonnen. The dispute, which pitted the population of Attera against its Emperor on the issue of the Atteran Commonwealth, resulted in a large portion of the Atteran population renouncing their citizenship after the Emperor refused to accept the citizenry's wishes to have the Commonwealth disbanded (which Makonnen had been using as a base for creating a diplomatic dispute with Shireroth).

Sinclair retired to the Kingdom of Gotzborg in February 2005, becoming its Minister of State and Home Office. He holds the title of Duke of Montin (Lord Montin) and is also, since September 26, 2005, the King's Counsellor. Following the hiatus of Gotzborg, he was appointed by King August Charles II to the position of Lord Protector of Gotzborg and Ambassador Plenipotentiary. This position gives Sinclair control of Gotzborg assets to protect its legacy, history and integrity in all micronational affairs, with the limitation that he cannot delegate those responsibilities to any other person.

Sinclair joined the Kingdom of Novasolum along with several former Gotzers in July 2007. He is not heavily involved in its government, citing that he intends to spend time focusing on nongovernmental pursuits, namely the Coprieta Standard. Nevertheless, he did accept an appointment as Royal Marshal of Chivalry, and elevation to the nobility of Novasolum as Baron Sinclair.


For more information on current and past Sinclair news media publications, see Sinclair Publications.

Ranking Journalist of the Anglophone Sector

Sinclair initially began his journalism career within micronationalism in late 2001, shortly after joining the hobby, by way of his involvement in the Republic of Amerada. By 2003, Sinclair cemented himself in the position as being the self-declared "prominent journalist of the Anglophone Sector", and continues to be the longest consistently active journalist in the sector. Sinclair has headed up several publications during his career as a journalist and is considered by some micronationalists of the sector to have written more news than any person involved in the sector to date.


Sinclair was one of the first members to join the Microblog initiative of Jack Santucci in 2004 due to his involvement in the Atteran Chronicle World publication. On May 5 2005, Sinclair was chosen to act as Microblog's representative on the Raspur Intermicronational Community (RAMIC) news blog's board of directors. The RAMIC news blog, in common with many intermicronational projects, never got off the ground as the remaining two parties on the board failed to appoint their respective representatives.

RIMA Journal

From May 2005 through January 2006, except September, the monthly RIMA Journal was published as a quality newspaper for the Anglophone Sector, with an emphasis on micronational history. The publication was the first of its kind, and to-date the only regularly published history journal for the Anglophone Sector. As of the Summer 2007, the RIMA Journal is being redeveloped to return as a bi-annual publication started Fall 2007.

FNORD Awards

Sinclair, as a co-owner of Micronations.Net, has regularly teamed up with founder, Iain de Vembria, to organize the Micras Sector's annual community awards, the People's FNORD Awards. He has also been the recipient of four FNORD Awards during his micronational career, including the most prestigious award, the Odlum Award for Overall Achievement in 2005. His other awards include the satarical FNORD Award of "Most Boring Micronationalist" in 2002, the award for best constitutional framework (the Fourth Crimson Constitution of Attera) in 2004, and best news blog, also in 2005.

Sinclair was the chief administrator and organizer for the 2006 FNORD Awards, also serving on the judging committee, as he had from the first installment of the annual event.