Imperial Proclamation: Death of Emperor Edgard II

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AYREON IV, by the Divine Design of Butauros, Eternal Kaiser of Shireroth, who, by this Imperial Instrument, gives unto his subjects and retainers, greetings, and unto the ancient gods of Shireroth, all due respect and honour.

Know ye that We make this Instrument in the name of the Holy Saints of Nathaniel the Returned-and-then-again-Departed, Elijah the Blessed, Nathan the Once-Living God, and all other Holy Saints and Martyrs, whose allegiance and respect We eternally owe. Acow.

IMPERIAL PROCLAMATION: Death of Emperor Edgard II of the Alexandrians

We, having received the devastating news of the untimely death of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Edgard II of the Alexandrians, declare across the Imperial Republic a period of mourning until the commitment of the remains of Our Imperial Cousin.

Period of mourning

Throughout this period of mourning, all members of the Court, indeed, any person employed by the Imperial Republic shall wear mourning ribbons around their arms (if they so possess arms, if no arms are possessed, another appropriate limb is fine – if no limb is appropriate for ribboning, then the employee will be exempt from this regulation).

We call upon the Guild of Mourners to lead the Imperial Republic in mourning.

Furthermore, for the duration of the period of mourning, all Shirerithian imperial flags shall be hoisted on half mast.

Confirmation of the Barony of San Juan

We confirm that the title, degree and dignity of Baron San Juan, of the Grounds of the Church of Saint John the Baptist in the City of Glastonburg in Our Imperial Dominion of Puritania, is now vested in Prince Francis Joseph Carillo, the eldest child of Edgard II, in accordance with Imperial Decree 873.

A truer friend to this throne has the world never seen. Shireroth mourns this loss. It is a loss to us all, a loss to all humanity, to all sentience.

May the life of this great emperor never be forgotten!

IN WITNESS WHEREOF We have caused the Imperial Seal to be affixed to this Proclamation which We have signed with Our Hand.

Given at the Palace of Einhorn in the city of Nordiskehjem this eleventh day of the fourth month in the year after the death of Norton one thousand six hundred and fifty-eight.

Ἀΰρεων Δ Καῖσαρ