Imperial Decree 957

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Liv Dravot, Steward of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, gives praise to the gods of the many Shirerithian Peoples in the name of:

AYREON IV, by the Kharenah of Zurvan, Qaisar Sathratiye, who, by this Imperial Decree, gives unto his subjects and retainers, greetings, and unto the gods of Shireroth, undying and unthinking obsequience.

Know that We, Mibaradardam be Khorshid va Mah Minamaz dadanam Zurvan, have in the first place dedicated to Zurvan this Decree which by his Kharenah is confirmed for Us and our heirs forever.

IMPERIAL DECREE 957: Mishalan - Implementation of the Resolution to veto Imperial Decree 940

  1. The Landsraad has exercised its right to veto Imperial Decree 940. Therefore it is incumbent on the Executive Power of the Imperial Government to execute the will of the Landsraad. It is therefore recognized that Imperial Decree 940 carries no legal force.
  2. Mishalan is reincorporated as an Imperial Dominion. Owing to the special circumstances, the communist government of Mishalan is vacated and placed under the Provisional Government of Mishalan (PGM).
  3. The PGM, supported by the Imperial Forces and loyalist volunteers, shall pacify the dominion and return the dominion to the full force of the Imperial Law. It shall convoke a constitutional convention, elected by the people of Mishalan.
  4. The PGM shall be headed by Aleksandra Volkova, newly freed from Dragonsfold under our warrant and seal.
  5. Once the constitutional convention has drafted an agreement for a constitution of Mishalan, the Executive Power of the Imperial Government shall ratify it by imperial decree if satisfied that the proposed constitution takes into account the special considerations that brought Mishalan to the awful state that it has found itself in and thereby made necessary rectifications of its previous constitutional order.

We have caused the Seal of the Steward to be affixed to this Decree which We have signed with Our Hand.
Given at the Keep this 11th Day of Fasmas in the year after the death of Norton one thousand six hundred and fifty one.