Imperial Decree 828

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IMPERIAL DECREE 828: Imperial Highways Commission

Dominus Thorgils Tarjeisson Ettlingar Verion, by the weaving of the Norns, Kaiser, Arandur of Alalehzamin and Utasia and Count of Ran, to his subjects and retainers, greetings, and unto the Gods of Shireroth undying and unthinking obsequience.

Know that we, in the name of all the Rightly-Guided Incarnations of the Holy Wisdom of the Ultimate Oneness of the Cosmos, have in the first place granted to the Highest Divinity, this Ordinance which is confirmed for us and our heirs forever.

1. In accordance with the mandate of River Elwynn and Imperial Infrastructure Accords under Article 3 (Imperial Highways Accord), the creation of an Imperial Highways Commission (IHC) is ordered, and, by this order, shall be brought into being;

2. The remit of the IHC shall be to produce proposals for a highways system in the Imperial Dominions and signatory Imperial States, to secure the consent and agreement of the parties involved and to coordinate requisite joint-declarations to bring the Imperial Highways into being.

3. The Imperial Highways Commission is a government agency, answerable to the Imperial Government, the Landsraad and the Imperial Judex. For administrative purposes the IHC shall fall within the remit of the Ministry of the Interior and may utilise the Trade Forum for offices.

4. Dr. Heath J. Belledin, Professor of Contracts, John Metzler III University is appointed Imperial Commissioner for Highways and is granted full authority to administer the IHC and plenipotentiary powers for the purpose of negotiating with those Imperial States which have become party to the River Elwynn and Imperial Infrastructure Accords for the purpose of implementing Article 3 (Imperial Highways Accord).

a. The Imperial Commissioner for Highways shall hold tenure of office for the duration of our reign, until we confirm otherwise.

Dominus Thorgils Tarjeisson Ettlingar Verion

So sealed, and signed by my hand at the Walstadt, on this Ifniday the 18th day of Vanchauslurk, in the six-thousandth three-hundred and seventh year ab sectora condita, corresponding to Eljere the 11th day of Fasmas in year sixteen-hundred and forty-two Anno Norton, in the Hour of the Post-coital Heron.