Imperial Decree 827

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IMPERIAL DECREE 827: Dietsland Expedition

Dominus Thorgils Tarjeisson Ettlingar Verion, by the weaving of the Norns, Kaiser, Arandur of Alalehzamin and Utasia and Count of Ran, to his subjects and retainers, greetings, and unto the Gods of Shireroth undying and unthinking obsequience.

Know that we, in the name of all the Rightly-Guided Incarnations of the Holy Wisdom of the Ultimate Oneness of the Cosmos, have in the first place granted to the Highest Divinity, this Ordinance which is confirmed for us and our heirs forever.

LET IT BE KNOWN That, by this order, we do hereby appoint our good and trusted servitor, Laqi Hyrrion, to the temporary rank of Imperial Legate in the Scholae Evocati of our Palatini Corps, and instruct him that it is our pleasure that he immediately organise and depart upon an expedition to explore the ungoverned territories of western Benacia, that are known informally as Dietsland, to make contact with such remnant populations as may be found and to encourage their amicable submission to the Imperial Republic.

Let him know that he will be well rewarded if he succeeds, but that it will not be worth his while to return corporeally intact if he does not.

Dominus Thorgils Tarjeisson Ettlingar Verion

So Decreed, and signed by my hand at Raynor's Keep, Shirekeep, on this Vivantiaday the 15th day of Vanchauslurk, in the six-thousandth three-hundred and fourth year ab sectora condita, corresponding to Izillare the 20th day of Gevrader in year sixteen-hundred and forty-two Anno Norton, in the Hour of the Squatting Toad.