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The Imperial Academy is a confederation of state-administered academic institutions intended to provide personnel for the middle and upper echelon leadership cadres of the Imperial Government and Imperial Forces.

Central Facilities

Imperial Military Academy

Imperial Academy of Art

Imperial Academy of Sciences

Regional Facilities

The size and geographic dispersal of the Imperial Republic obliged it to establish a network of satellite facilities to offer an education for the offspring of the propertied and administrative classes of denizens, particularly for those more remote Western Benacian dominions far removed from the Imperial County and the more developed Imperial States back east.

Fortunately it was greatly assisted in this by the appropriation of assets belonging to the People's Academy of Elwynn by the Imperial Government in the aftermath of the Auspicious Occasion.


Central Benacia


  • Neercanne College, City of Mishalan;
  • Trois-Évêchés College, Concord;
  • Touars College, Jeanezville;
  • Troyes College, Kisa;
  • Artois College, Niü Veña;
  • Angoulême College, Sint Riksburg.

Western Benacia


  • Anquetil College, Vinandy;
  • Beerschot College, Tjaldtangi;
  • Kaht College, Björkasbyur;
  • Kijkduin College, Hjalli;
  • Koningin Ærinndís College, Vorgóta;
  • Koningin Æsileif College, Tehuri;
  • Koningin Fränzi-Ferdinanda College, Vinandy;
  • Tuat College, Akrar;
  • Vineta College, Tuulersbýur.