Garllic War

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Garllic War
Date: 5141 - 5230 ASC
Place: Kitanus Fields (Kildare)
Casus belli: Unknown
Outcome: Kitanus Fields becomes Garllic Fields.
Minor border changes (expansion for Kildare).
Garllics become subjects to the Dutchal Throne
Dutchy of Kildare Garllic Empire
Countess Liana Barentsz,
Dutchess Ignatia,
Dutch Taodosius I
Tetris I
Soldiers: 85,000 (5141 ASC)

Nobles/Knights: 11,000 (5141 ASC)

Soldiers: Unknown
Civilians: 305,000

Soldiers/nobles: 80,500


The Garllic War (5141 ASC - 5230 ASC) is an armed conflict between the Dutchy of Kildare and the Garllic Empire, a large armed force coming from the Apollonian plains. It ended in 5230 ASC with a peace being signed between Sophia Myksos and Corridon, son of Tetris.


The war started when the Garllics invaded Kitanus Fields and burned down the village of Qel'Athas after having easily overran the already neglected Kildarian defence lines, the wall and fortresses of the Zygus Qamil.

Course of the war

Pillage of Qel'Athas (5141 ASC)

The Burning of Mie (5142 ASC)

The Battle of Lamantia (5147 ASC)

The Battle of Lamantia is without doubt one of the biggest defeats of a Kildarian army against another military force. More than 45,000 Kildarian soldiers from the Kildarian Defence Forces were brutally slaughtered. The commander, a Blackrockian nonetheless, was killed during battle.

The Fall of Kitanus (5153 ASC)

Fields of Garllic (5163 ASC)

Conclusion and aftermath

The war is remembered in Kildare as one of the most terrible events in modern history. It now only showed the weakness of the Kildarian Defence Forces, but also the incapability from several military officers as most of the capable ones had been imprisoned, executed or fled the Dutchy after the coup d'état by Taodosius Myksos.

While a military disaster with the result that almost all cities of decent size were burned down and the population massacred, Dutch Taodosius used the war to consolidate his own position and to weaken the position of the Seanad and nobility, which he gave the fault for the many disasters.

Many influential nobles found death in the battles and whole generations of noble houses became extinct, which gave Taodosius the opportunity to replace them by friends or loyal followers of the Eastern Court.