Kildarian Defence Forces

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Kildarian Defense Forces

Active: 4022 ASC
In use by: Kildare (Shireroth)
Allegiance: Kildare and Shireroth

Type: Army
Size: Approximately 85,000 Soldiers, County's Armies as Reservists
Nickname: None yet

Current Commander: Andreas the Wise

The Kildarian Defence Forces is the land-based military of Kildare. It's the successor of the Kildarian Ducal Forces and is used as a standing army to defend Kildare in times of war. It's composed of soldiers from over the whole Dutchy of Kildare, has a centralised command (the Dant and Dutch) and the privilege to act on the land of Kildarian Counties without having to ask permission first.

The main goal of the KDF is to protect the Zygus Qamil and important or strategic places. It should give the local nobles the time and opportunity to mobilise their own armies during an invasion or enemy threat.