Elwynn prevails!

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The Elirian–Utasian coast-guard ship Elwynn Endures.

Elwynn prevails!, sometimes translated to Elwynn endures!, is the national motto of Elwynn. Its Elw form is Еӆуенууеқ наазамнизор! (Elluenuueq naazamnizor!; pronounced /əɬuənuːəχ naːzaɴizoʁ/). The literal translation is "Elwynn is without an end" with connotations of suffering, honour and endurance.

The motto started off as a rallying cry during the first Froyalan era (1533–1542) when Elwynn had forceably changed its name to Froyalan, and there was a great Froyalanization of the country with crack-downs on Elw, Babkhi and TapferiteBovic culture in Elwynn. It reached mainstream when the county government of Eliria and Utasia purchased its first coast-guard ship from Ynnraile in 1535 and named it Elwynn Endures after the rallying cry.