Earl of Markland

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The Monarchy of Elwynn

Earl of Markland is an Elwynnese title of royalty appertaining to the person who is third in the Line of Succession to the White Orchid Throne.


The title was created, at the request of the Council of Eliria, by the Second Article of the Royal Decree called On the Earldoms of the Joijnie d'l'Elwyjn:

2. It is hereby decreed by Us that from this day forth the individual who is third in the Order of Succession to the Kingly Throne of the Lands of the Two Sacred Rivers, as acknowledgment of the age-old and significant ties between the Lions and the Falcons and Arietta, shall bear the title of Earl of Markland.

Title Holders

  1. Princess Fjǫrleif of Elwynn (1636-1638);
  2. Prince Audun Joel of Elwynn (1638-present).