Alejian Castle

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A view of Alejian Castle.

Alejian Castle is a castle-like house which is situated in the village of Harthyr in the Ward of Ådrabekk in the Goldshirean county of Wintergleam. It was the holiday residence of the Prætor of the Landsraad of Shireroth. It now functions as the seat of Wintergleam's county government.


Alejian Castle was built on the coast of Wintergleam by Harald of Ettlingar Freyu for Kaiser Alejian II in exchange for him being granted the County of Wintergleam by the Golden Mango Throne in the year 1516 as compensation for zir loss of the County of Araxion. The castle was never taken into possession by Alejian or claimed by, if any, his heirs and it faded into obscurity, while still over the centuries being dutifully maintained and kept up by the Comital Trust of Wintergleam. It was appropriated during the era of the Coordinated State and remained Elwynnese State property during the following periods of communist rule as well as the Ayreon-Kalirion Restoration in 1618 before being subsequently granted by King Noah of Elwynn in the year 1635 to the holder of the Prætorship of the Landsraad during the part of the Prætorial tenure of Princess Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir that coincided with the reign of Kaiser Hjalmar (1635-1639).

On 9 Laemill 1644, in the Year of the Four Kaisers, Prætor Fjǫrleif Llængjarla, having escaped to the safety of Alejian Castle from the carnage of the Oustfest Massacre with the graceful assistence of the Landsraad Guard as well as the Groupe d'intervention et Tireurs d'Elite of the Fleur de Lys-Longships Guard, ordered that "the meeting place of the Imperial Electorate in the Landsraad assembled shall, until further notice by the Prætor, be the Prætorial holiday residence of Alejian Castle in the village of Harthyr in the Circuit of Wintergleam". On 20 Vixaslaa 1644 the Landsraad was officially convened by the Prætor in Count Harald Hall, the Great Hall of Alejian Castle. This session of the Landsraad would become known as the Alejian Castle session. A historic session for it was the first time since the days of the Cabbage Crisis, nigh half a century ago, that the Landsraad convened outside the borders of the City of Shirekeep.

The most important act of the Alejian Castle session was passing the Alejian Castle Resolution on 9 Rugaall 1644. As stipulated by Article 1 of the aforesaid Resolution Prætor Fjǫrleif Llængjarla handed the Lady Noor the Sabre of Unity, in consequence of which Noor became the sole legal, lawful and legitimate Kaiseress of Shireroth, taking the regnal name of Kaiseress Noor. Aside from electing Queen Noor to the Kaisership, which had been legally vacant ever since Kaiser Dominus Tarjeisson had died in dubious circumstances without having designated a successor, the Alejian Castle Resolution also laid down the legal groundwork for bringing down the purported regime insituted by the usurper and regicide Tokaray al-Osman, which still occupied Shireroth's capital and the Kingdom of Goldshire as well as various Imperial Dominions.

In 1651, after the Auspicious Occasion and Wintergleam's return to Goldshire, it was made the seat of Wintergleamish government.

On 01.XI.1665 Alejian Castle and its surrounding estates were temporarily occupied by Imperial Forces as they established an operational command and control centre.