Ministry Of Immigration And Naturalization

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The Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization (MINT) is the first step for new citizens of Shireroth. It is here they are given their first taste of what Shireroth really is: laid-back, fun, confusing, and sometimes a bit bureaucratic.

Many citizens of Shireroth have served as the Minister of Immigration and Naturalization over the years. It is considered to be a good "starting Ministry", as it rarely requires great amounts of attention.

Recently, the responsibility of taking the Bimestrial Census has passed to the Ministry as well, those powers having been moved from the Ministry of the Interior.

For a time it was known as the Ministry of Immigration, Naturalization, and Tourism.

The ministry is currently occupied by Conglacio II Swefhert of Erior.

Past Ministers include Eriana Moon, Alexandra Decens, Harvey Steffke, James Raine, Gryphon Avocatio, Hypatia's Mom, Harald of Ettlingar Freyu, John Sager and Jonas Windsor, Edgard and Johnathan Nelson Wythe.

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