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The Batavian flag.

The Kingdom of Batavia was one of the most loyal allies of Shireroth during the 4th and 5th era. The Batavians always held quite good relations with Shireroth, which was considered their first ally in the Anglophone Sector. These relationships have been considered quite good.

Around 1610 AN, the Batavian Kingdom split between the Kingdom of Batavia and the Free State of Batavia. The Kingdom of Batavia, controlling the Benacian lands, was a puppet-state of the Jingdaoese Empire. In 1615 AN, a re-unification was attempted under the leadership of Prime Minister Joachim Mackay, but this resulted in a fiasco and eventually only widened the schism. The Batavian people started to revolt, and both the Kingdom and the Free State collapsed into dissarray.

The Benacian lands of the Kingdom of Batavia were later occupied and annexed by the Imperial Republic. Batavian culture is still present in the province of Dietsland. The militant organisation known as the Free Batavians strives towards a new foundation of the Batavian Kingdom.