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Babkha coa.png

Feudal Status: Kingdom
Capital: Kamalshahr
Largest Cities: Vey, Raspur, Norasht

Local Leadership Title: Shahanshah
Local Government: Monarchy
Current leader: Ardashir Khan Osmani

Local language: Babkhi
Local Religion: Temple of Zartosht

A long-lived micronation that Shireroth has had a long, warm and occasionally rather tumultuous relationship with. The Mango-Camel Pact was recently reaffirmed by Kaiser Letifer III and the Shah of Babkha, after a long period of somewhat chillier relationships brought on by Babkha's participation in The Great Satan.

In general, Shirithians see Babkhans (especially Ardashir) as bloodthirsty turban-wearing warriors who seem to be just a bit too fond of their camels and sheep but who, in the end, are very decent and likeable micronationalists and who seem to be sticking around so it's better to just be their friends. Babkhans, on the other hand, see Shirithians as a ragtag bunch of silly Californians who are simply ludicrous beyond words, but who it is fun to play along with and be somewhat ludicrous with as long as you're not in company that uses words like "micropatriology" or "bug nation".

Notable current or previous Shirithians who are, or have once been Babkhans, include Ardashir Khan, Rakesh, Jessica Doran, Zarathustra, Ari Rahikkala. There is significant cultural cross-fertilisation between Bakbha and Shireroth - for instance, Babkha has been seen to the likeness of Malarbor in a military banner after one of Shireroth's many deaths, and the history of Elwynn certainly has felt the effect of Babkhan-style leadership.