Union of Apollonia

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The Union of Apollonia
Eastern Empire

Flag of Apollonia
Coat of Arms of Apollonia
Coat of Arms


Location of Apollonia
Map versions As part of Shireroth (Kildare): 1.5.0 - 15.4.6
Capital Daocheng
Largest city Chuanliyang, Sizhecheng, Xiacheng, Zhuaricheng
Official language(s) Official language:

Other languages:
South Batavian (Dutch), Kildarian (English)

Demonym Jingdaoese
 - Adjective Jingdaoese
Government Constitutional monarchy
 - Emperor of Apollonia
 - Diwang
 - Legislature Imperial Yuan

The Seanad

 -Ranked NA
Area NA
 - Ranked NA
Population ~105,000,000
 - Active N/A
 - Ranked N/A
Currency Erb
Abbreviation AU
National website
National forum Forum
National animal Double-headed Eagle
National food Safir wings with cabbage
National drink Imperial white tea
National tree Holy Ginseng Tree

The Union of Apollonia is the (planned) historic successor of the Jingdaoese Empire, which for most of its existence acted as nemesis of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. It's the sole country on Micras which shares a head of state with another country.

When established, it included most of the original Kildarian possessions when it first seceded from the Imperial Republic in 5555 ASC (21th October 2014), with exception of Hawshire-Dura, which remained Shirerithian. However, the loss of Kildarian possessions was made good by its further expansions under Jingdaoese rule: the Northern Counties (home to the largest concentration of Batavians) were annexed by Jingdao and remained part of the Union.

The Union is nominally independent of Shireroth, and the power of the Emperor (who is simultaneously Kaiser of Shireroth) is limited by both the Seanad and Imperial Yuan.