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Featured Article: The Lawbook

The Lawbook is a list of all the Shirerithian laws created by the Landsraad. It complements the Decreebook, a list of all Kaiserial Decrees. Since the advent of the Lawbook system, probably around 2004, most Landsraad acts have taken the form of amendments to the Lawbook. A few smaller actions of the Landsraad, such as the approval of treaties, are still handled separately. Read more...

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Current Events:

- Shireroth put its wiki back up again. Sort of.

- Gotzborg has closed down after its king, August Charles, decided to suspend his participation in the hobby.

- Ardashir Khan retired from micronationalism, leading people everywhere to breath a sigh of relief.

- Hypatia Agnesi takes the Kaisership of Shireroth under the name Kaiseress Hypatia I.

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