Line of Steffki

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Line of Steffki

Jason I - Jason II - Jason III
Jason IV - Aure I - Meskan I
Meskan II - Aurangzeb
Mo'll I - Aurangzeb II

Progenitor: Jason I

Line: Steffki
Progenitor: Jason I
Established: b1607

Bio: The Line of Steffki, although an older line of Shireroth with many members who have held the Throne, is considered to be one of the lesser Imperial Bloodlines. Its notable members were Aure I, her heir, Meskan I, and later Meskan II.

Aure I was known for being the second female Kaiseress in the Third Era, and for her attempt to prevent the throne from being held by the Line of Metzler. The wife of Meskan I, who was later known as Jadie I of the Line of Doran, was the actual power behind the kaisership. The Line of Steffki by direct descent came to an end with the death of Meskan II, who had no heir to continue the line. It was only through a nephew of Meskan II that Mo'll eventually traced his lineage.

Kaiser Aurangzeb also claimed descent from an obscure relative of Kaiseress Aure I who had the misfortune to be sold into a Babkhan harem belonging to the Imperial and Emirati House of Osman.