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Johnathan I, 1st Duke of Goldshire (4598 - 4689 ASC), more commonly known by his original title Lord Holly, was a Shirerothian noble.

General History

Wythe immigrated to the The Imperial Republic of Shireroth in 4615 ASC. He was ennobled as the Baron of Khorze in 4622 ASC. Immediately after his ennoblement, Lord Holly began enacting a series of wide ranging reforms within Holly. In 4626 ASC, Lord Holly revoked every title of nobility or government appointment in his realm and merged all of the government with the Barony.

Lord Holly was appointed the Minister of Immigration and Naturalization by Kaiser Loki IV in 4630 ASC.

In 4659 ASC, Duke Jacobus IV of Goldshire abdicated in favor of Gilles Melang. Under the short reign of Duke Gilles I, several laws were enacted which Johnathan Wythe deemed to be discriminatory and unfairly aimed at the Barony of Holly. Because of this, in 4672 ASC Lord Holly rebelled against Duke Gilles I and declared Holly to be an independent sovereign barony. The Holly War of Independence, as it came to be known, lasted from 4672 until 4674 ASC at which point Duke Gilles I abdicated leaving no heir. To fill the void and restore stability, Kaiser Ayreon II appointed Lord Holly the Duke of Goldshire.

Shortly after his succession to the ducal throne of Goldshire, he abolished the government of Goldshire and installed a brand new system. He also revoked all previously issued titles of nobility within Goldshire.

He also acquired Babkhan citizenship in 4625 ASC and was known as Yahya Rahachi in the empire. In 4634 ASC Lord Holly was commissioned as a Sartip in the Imperial Babkhan Army, a rank he held until his death.

Business World

Lord Holly founded The Holly Corporation in 4628 ASC. The Holly Corporation or, HollyCorp as it is commonly known, provides a wide range of products to include corporate identity development and human resource services.

Lord Holly oversaw the design process for numerous high profile projects including the development of official seals for the Kingdom of Babkha and the Holly Baseball League.

The Republic of Elwynn, Amokolia and Hurmu appointed Lord Holly as a Special Delegate to the Senate in 4651 ASC to direct the creation of their new unified coat of arms.

Sporting World

A keen follower of baseball, Lord Holly proclaimed it to be the official sport of the realm. In 4639 ASC, he founded the Holly Baseball League and its first ten charter teams.


Lord Holly married Claire Loraine Johnson in 4650 ASC. They had three children, all sons.


In 4689 ASC Johnathan I died at his estate in Wendor. He was suceeded in his dukedom and all other titles and offices by his son, Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe, the 2nd Duke of Goldshire.

Styles From Birth

  • Mr. Johnathan Nelson Wythe (4598 to 4622)
  • The Right Honourable The Lord Holly (4622 to 4674)
  • His Grace The Duke of Goldshire (4674 to 4689)

Titles & Offices

Nobility of Shireroth
Preceded by:
Duke of Goldshire
4674 - 4689
Succeeded by:
Benjamin I
Ministry Offices
Preceded by:
Gilles Melang
Minister of Immigration and Naturalization
4630 - 4689
Succeeded by:
Benjamin I
Business Offices
Preceded by:
Office Established
President of The Holly Corporation
4628 - 4689
Succeeded by:
Benjamin I