Imperial Decree 815

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IMPERIAL DECREE 815: Count Palatine of Kezan

Hear! Hear!

We do by this Our Imperial Instrument appoint Ryker Everstone to the Imperial Peerage of Shireroth and confer the state, degree, dignity, title, and honour of the COUNT PALATINE OF KEZAN upon him and his successors;

We do by this Our Imperial Instrument repeal the requirement established in Imperial Decree #637 that the title of COUNT PALATINE OF KEZAN be held in perpetuity by the Lord of House Octavius;

Upon his death or removal from the title of the aforesaid Ryker Everstone, the title shall succeed to his descendants, with preference to the eldest, with no discrimination on gender or whether born within or outside marriage.

"May the lion not hurt you during Love's Great Adventure!"

Deeds of Tuuler Kalir and Björka Hnossdóttir through their descendants!


So Decreed in this Six Thousand Two Hundred and Fiftieth Year since the Founding of the Sector by the Hand Imperial of Hjalmar Redquill at the Kaiseral Court at Raynor's Keep.