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Clistiro, the Soloralist god of Intellect and Order. Like the rest of the major gods, Clistiro has a quintessence and purified aura, Pure Intellect. The symbolic color of Pure Intellect is royal purple. When a mortal comes into contact with Pure Intellect, it is said that he is bestowed with intellectual enlightment. Clistiro's plane is the Plane of Knowledge, and his subjects are Intyale, Carding, Nous, and Urizen.

Clistiro was the god that had made humanity sentient on Micras, bestowing upon them natural curioisity and ingueinity unrivaled by all other sentient species, although the Micron come close. Clistiro is a quiet and distant god, watching the world but rarely acting. He can use his divine grace to give mortals glimpses of the past and future and the ability to bear such knowledge wisely. Clistiro created the Wind Song on Micras, the artifact that had created magic.

Humanity isn't the only species influenced by Clistiro, however. Clistiro had also put in an effort with Mithaniel to evolve the Geldican Humans. As well, he had evolved the Zealians, what some could consider to be the Geldican version of the microns. As with the rest of the quintessences, Intellect had an equal sharing in Geldica before its corruption.