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Mithoran (also reffered to as Mithaniel), the Soloralist god of Good. Like the rest of the major gods, Clistiro has a quintessence and purified aura, ("weapon") Pure Good. The symbolic color of Pure Good is sky blue. When a mortal comes into contact with Pure Good, it is said that he can harm the weapons of the other gods. Mithaniel's plane is the Plane of Valor, and his subjects are Kellus, Arolsea, Sloynetar, and Bonitas. As a diety, Mithaniel is thought to be quite tranquil in nature most of the time, similar to his subject, Kellus. However, when the balance of the quintessences has been disruptive, he seems to be strong, valorous, and vengeful, fiercely wishing to protect the universe. As part of the positive quintessences, Mithaniel had allies of Tunare and Clistiro during the Great War of Destruction. Mithaniel has influenced the universe greatly. One of thw two original gods, Mithaniel had tilted the environment of Micras just enough so that life could start. His divine influence could be seen in his species, the Microns, a species unique to Micras, named after the planet itself, and their ability to extract Hypon. Micras has a special place in Mithaniel's heart, as he had initiated life on that planet, although he had shared the planet with the rest of the quintessences. Mithaniel had also shared his quintessence of Good equally with Clistiro to create the Humans of Geldica. Mithaniel's sworn enemy is his antithesis, Innoruuk, ever since the beginning of time when the qintessences themselves were seperated. The two constantly battle throughout the universe to defend their own keepsakes of quintessential influence, whether it be through channaling empathi energy or wars in developed worlds. Mithaniel had a couple of known Avatars in the past, including Jason Steffke of Micras and Terrya of Geldica.