Wind Song

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The Wind Song is an artifact said by Soloralists to have been created by Clistiro himself. Originally found in the island-continent of Solaria, it has the remarkable ability to imbue all sentient species on Micras the ability to use magic. It was first found by the Microns roughly in the year 40,000 BED on the island that would eventually be known to them as Solaria. Understanding the knowledge the Wind Song had bestoyed upon them, the majority of the microns on the expedition quickly embraced their new gift. Some had headed back to Micronae to spread the news of the discovery. However, not all would embrace the new powers. A large faction of the microns, once learning the discovery of the Wind Song, thought that magic was too tempting, too powerful for mortals to wield, and refused to use it. This faction became so strong that microns who embraced magic had to leave their home continent for Solaria. These magic-user microns are the ancestors of the Solarians. Eventually, the other microns (The ancestors of the rest of the micron species) would reluctantly accept magic, although it would not come as easy to them as the Solarians would. The other species of the planet, such as humans, elves, and ogres would have their own schisms as well after discovering magic. The ogres' magic users had transformed themselves so much that they had to be considered a new race - the orcs. The Imperials, however, fully embraced the power that magic would bring them. The Wind Song is also one of the seven Fate Distortion Crystals - the only one in the universe that Micras is in. It would bonded with Erika Lekuan during the Interdimensional War.