Valfreyja Chapter Hall

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The Valfreyja Chapter Hall.

The Valfreyja Chapter Hall is the local Elwynnese headquarters of the Grand Mysterious Sisterhood which is known as the Daughters of Freyja. The building complex is situated in the Bailiwick of Avaldsnes in the Royal Precinct of the Elwynnese Union which is known as the Federation of the Seven Ports and was built in ancient Valtian style.


The building complex is named after the Goddess Freyja in Her capacity of Queen of Valkyries. The name is an allusion to the pivotal role which was played by the Sister-Archers of the Daughters of Freyja, who had been dispatched to Elwynn by the aforesaid Grand Mysterious Sisterhood, in the Battle of Vijayanagara during the days of the War of Vengeance.