Vaan Aujoen

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Duchy of the Vaan Aujoen
Flag of Vaan Aujoen
Coat of Arms of Vaan Aujoen
Coat of Arms

Motto: "Torch of the North"

Anthem: Hope
Location of Vaan Aujoen
Map versions 6.8.7-Present
Capital Zumerhaven
Largest city Zumerhaven
Official language(s) English, Norse, Germanic
Demonym Vaanen
 - Adjective Vaanen
Government Ducal
 - High King Harald Freyjugjöf
 - Duke Jor Klosson
 - Legislature none
Establishment July 23, 2003
 -Ranked NA
Area ... km²
 - Ranked NA
Population 1
 - Active 1
 - Ranked NA
Currency Mark
Abbreviation VAJ
National website none
National forum none
National animal Bear
National food Turkey
National drink Mead
National tree Fir

Vaan Aujoen, also called The Vaan, or Hope Islands, is a collection of four islands off the northeastern extremity of Apollonia. Originally settled and ruled by Cranda, and then its successor Arminy, they eventually came under the rule of the Viking Empire of Stormark, wherein they remain to this day. Inhabitants of Vaan Aujoen are known as the Vaanen. The islands are the last remaining population of traditional Crandish culture on Micras.


The Vaan Aujoen has a long history dating back to the emergence of the first Crandish state, the Corporate State of Cranda.


Stormark gave Vaan Aujoen the right to organize its own local government and retain the traditional Crandish (Krantisk) and Arminian hierarchy. Thus Vaan Aujoen is ruled as a Duchy, with the Duke acting as head of the regional government, being subservient to the Storish monarch and the rulings of the High Council. Nonetheless, Vaan Aujoen is granted a generous amount of autonomy and freedom and the relationship between Stormark and the islands has become one of deep-rooted trust and friendship. Indeed, the two have become nigh inseparable.

Dukes of the Vaanen

Johanns fonn Klosso

Gellir Strongthews

Kaspar Soleimân



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