Tasneem Chowdhury

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Micronational Life

Tasneem Chowdhury has been involved in micronations for the past three years. She first got involved in Natopia from her friend Nathan Waffel-Paine's website. She was the second online citizen to join. She has had various positions in Natopia but currently she is Prime Minister of Natopia (a position she has had ever since she joined). This is one of the few consistent titles in Natopia since it's founding, and this position has evolved to be the second highest position in Natopia.

After being prompted by King Nathan to check out Natopia's allies and other organizations that Natopia participates in, Tasneem joined Lavalon and the International Association. After becoming a citizen of Lavalon, she became a prominent citizen who was at the forums almost every day if not twenty times during that same day. She stayed loyal to Natopia though and joined the Free Juice and Bagels Party when it was created.

After President Klaas resigned from presidency in Lavalon, she was encouraged by Ex-President Klaas and Chief Justice of Lavalon Nathan to run for presidency as she was the middle of the two extremes of Xon and President Klaas. She won the presidency and stayed throughtout various complications concerning Lavalon until August 2005. These complications include the infamous "Bagelcratican plot", Avalonia, and a sudden shortage of citizens. She resigned her presidency and citizenship when the VUAS treaty fell through because of conflicting interests.

At the moment, in addition to her post as Prime Minister of Natopia, Tasneem is the Chairwoman of the Free Juice and Bagel Party, the Archduchess of Tasneemia, and ambassador to Shireroth and Alexandria. She has even been honored by another micronation, Sullifree, which named it's economic forum after her despite her never having anything to do with Sullifree at all.