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William Arthur Atobonovno Payne, better known as Sir William Strauss (sometimes Syr William) (born in Benacia in 1530) is a Shirerithian nobleman, poet, and the current King-Count of Hawshire-Dura.

Married to Nathan Dariolin from 1548 to the annulment of marriage in 1559.

In Shireroth he has held the position of Duke of Brookshire, Dutch of Kildare, Count of Benacia, Count of Vervollkommnung, Baron of Neurak and Baron of Hallucination. He has also been Honorary Duke of Elwynn (c. 1553–1555).

He is a member of the Dozan Bovic Church.

Preceded by:
Tom Biffo
High Holy Bovicar
Succeeded by:
Nathan Waffel-Paine