Statue of Malarborty

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The Statue of Malarborty in front of Raynor's Keep.
The Statue of Malarborty in Shirekeep (artist's depiction)

At the very point where the Elwynn splits in two stands the pride of Shirekeep, the Statue of Malarborty.

This ninety-four foot bronze image of Shireroth's most recognizable god is located on the very spot where, according to legend, Kaiser Francis I fought the evil Malarbor and made him swear to serve as Shireroth's protector.

The statue is the first sight visible to boats sailing up the Elwynn, and was built partly to awe any emissaries viewing Shirekeep for the first time. In this goal it is certainly aided by the primitive but effective sound system installed by Kaiser Nicholas III, which at intervals shouts at passing boats "TRADE WITH SHIREKEEP! MALARBOR DEMANDS IT!"