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Siyacha Free State


Feudal Status: Imperial Protectorate
Capital: Nackholm
Largest Cities: n/a

Local Leadership Title: Nāśī (Prince) & ha'kohen ha'gadol (High Priest)
Local Government: Theocracy under Imperial protection
Current leader: Adin ben Shmuel

Local language: Yehudi
Local Religion: Siyachism, Qara'ut

May of the region. Siyacha marked with stripes.

Siyacha, or the Siyacha Free State is an imperial protectorate in western Benacia established in 1660 by Imperial Decrees 1020 and 1021. Inhabited mainly by Yahudim, population in 1660 was x (of which y were citizens, z were denizens, n loyal subjects, and k community servants).


  • 1638 - "Jollification of the Kossars" sees Volhyria and Porolia invaded by Minarborian forces, leading to the establishment of the Shophate of Siyachia.
  • 1640-1644 - "Harvestfall Revolution" sees Minarboria begin its abrupt decline.
  • 1648 - Final collapse of Minarborian aligned regime in Siyachia.
  • 1649 - Pachad Emet ben Mavet asserts control over what remains of "Nackolom".
  • 1656 - Batavian settlers, fleeing the War of Lost Brothers, enter the Inner Benacian Green. Skirmishes with Yehudi inhabitants ensue.
  • 01.VIII–14.XI.1657 - 1st Battle of Nackholm (Operation Way of Force).
  • 19.VIII.1657 - The Kasterburg Republic occupies the southern half of Nackholm.
  • 15.IX-25.IX.1657 - Battle of Stuyven between Batavian settlers and the Yehudi.
  • 08.VIII.1659–06.XIII.1659 - Fall Schwartz-Tilman.
  • 24.VIII.1659 - 2nd Battle of Nackholm.
  • 22.XIII.1659 - August Baerdemans, and a small band of armed followers, enter the ruins of Nackholm and proclaim it the capital of the Transbatavian Free State.
  • 22-29.XIII.1659 - Seven days and seven nights of air-raids on Nackholm by Bomber Command.
  • 22.XV.1659 - Resolutions to protect Former Subjects in Inner Benacia and establish the Imperial Nackholm Observation Mission proposed by Imperial Mother in the Landsraad, supported by the N&H Party in Folksraad.
  • 12.I.1660 - Recommendations by an international boundary commission favour Shirerithian proposals to occupy Nackholm.
  • 14.II.1660 - Imperial Decree 1020 (Border Adjustment) & 1021 (Institutions in Siyacha) promulgated.
  • 17.II.1660 - Fall Grunwald-Ulrich begins.
  • 18.II.1660 - Adin ben Shmuel, a renegade Bergburger Kohen, is ordained as Prince and High Priest of Siyachia, under Imperial supervision, at a ceremony in recently occupied Heyburgh, where a Red Heifer was rendered unto Yahweh as a burnt offering with crimson dyed wool, hyssop, and cedar wood. The ashes were passed into the custody of the Prince as a symbol of his duty to conduct the purification of Nackholm.