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Sirithil nos Fëanor was the first Elentari of Menelmacar, later succeeded by Archetype23. Before Menelmacar had been founded, she was elected Prime Minister of Varja, though she never took office there. A coup d'état in Varja made her flee to the archipelago south of Lothlaria, where Menelmacar was to be built upon as a nation "where freedom reigns, now and forever".


Sirithil was known for her many nationalities in the microworld. During her reign as Elentari of Menelmacar she had been foreign minister of Tymaria, Pacary and Attera. She has also served as Duchess of Elwynn, having been the Fourth Ruler and Fourth Duchess there.

Abdication as Elentari of Menelmacar

In December 2002 she stepped down from the throne of Menelmacar, after losing an election of seat, to be proceeded by Archetype23.

Menelmacari Coup

In January 2003 Menelmacar experienced a coup, led by Sirithil, trying to overthrow the leadership of Archetype23. The coup forced the loyalists of Archetype into exile.


Though departed from micronations, her legacy remains in place-names. An archipelago in the far east called Feanoria is named after her, and the strait between its main islands - of which the northern one is the main island of the Storish Jarldom which is known as the Sólareyjar - is called Sirithil Straits.

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Preceded by:
Scott of Alexander
Duchess of Elwynn
Succeeded by:
Mari Greenwood