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The media sector in the Imperial Republic can be characterised as being mostly free and unregulated, albeit subject to relevant provisions of the Criminal Code and the furious scrutiny of the reigning Steward. Publications, although notionally independent, represent a variety of viewpoints associated with the imperial, state and provincial governments as well as some of the larger corporations.


Daily Mail & Telegraph of Eliria

Goldfield Gazette

Initially founded as the Goldshire Hamlet Gazette, the Goldfield Gazette is Elsyran's principal and only daily newspaper, publishing every day except Sundays and public holidays. It has a daily readership of more than 80,000 people and more than 50,000 daily website users.

The Goldfield Gazette covers local news as well as providing notices to the public of the decrees and ordinances issued by the Count and the County Government.

Iron Gazette

Main article: Iron Gazette

The Iron Gazette is an independent newspaper (although in fact owned, printed and published by the Iron Company) in Goldshire which regularly publishes articles on politics, economics and current affairs. The Newspaper is located in the city of Chryste, and has a readership of roughly 400,000 people.


Konkordia is the state newspaper of the Imperial Dominion of Mishalan. Operated by and on behalf of the Provisional Government of Mishalan.

Lunatic Gazette

Shirekeep Gazette

Shirekeep Sentinel

Left-wing periodical with ties to the Reform Movement. Severely critical of the Imperial Government, the noble houses, and the Nationalist and Humanist Party. Insists that Caputia, Craitland, Hoenn, and Natopia are the only "non-awful" or "redeemable" countries on the planet. Popular with the educated middle classes. Has a Culture and Lifestyle section that influences patterns of high-end consumption in spite of ostensibly disapproving of consumerism.

Shirekeep Vindicator

Self-proclaimed "most exciting newspaper of Shireroth". Sensationalist weekly that is frowned upon by Shireroth's bourgeouisie, but is the most well-read paper within the Imperial capital. Focusses mainly on crime, political intrigue and just plain gossip and vulgarity.

View from Benacia



Joyful updates from everybody's favourite demon-tree. His capricious demands, made alongside ceaseless threats and bloodcurdling promises of eternal damnation, are rightly legendary.

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