Royal Ordnance Factory Lichkeep

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The Royal Ordnance Factory Lichkeep (ROFL) is a Shirerithian munitions and small arms complex located in the city of Lichkeep, a part of the Imperial County. The royal refers to patronage that was sought, but never quite received, from the Lich-Queens prior to their final disintegration in the mid to late 1640s.

Ordnance manufacturing in the Imperial Republic had traditionally been a haphazard affair, relying on enthusiastic amateurs in primitive machine workshops replicating antique weapons patterns released periodically from the armouries of Raynor's Keep as well as the quiet appropriation, by purchase, emulation or outright theft, of foreign designs.

The Royal Ordnance Factories had been conceived of at the commencement of Thorgils Tarjeisson's tenure as Minister of Military Affairs as a way to encourage greater participation by the then three extant Imperial States (Elwynn, Goldshire and Lichbrook) in the collective defence of the Imperial Republic. The Lichkeep site, owing to its proximity to the Imperial Capital, was the only one to pass the stage of the breaking-ground ceremony in 1636, and was then promptly delayed by the discovery that the site was situated upon brassicosis contaminated marshland. Following thorough drainage and remediation the site finally opened in 1643, and began production in early 1645 following the conclusion of the Year of the Four Kaisers.

Efforts to open a second factory in Goldshire had been frustrated by the recurring alternating bouts of civil war and Elwynnese occupation whilst the salesman dispatched to Elwynn had been so depressed by the contrived and unrelenting pomp and extravaganza he had encountered on the road north that he had instead elected to hang himself from an elm tree that overgrew a neglected byway rather than continue the journey to Eliria.

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