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Maltína Höggjasdóttir (1615–1666) was a former Froyalanish court official during the Daemonic Vanic State. Born in Snæland in 1615, she and her family moved to Elwynn in 1625 during the Great Froyalanish Immigration. Known for her beauty, she was selected in 1632 to be the Royal Milker in the court of King Noah, who had then assumed majority and the kingship himself. She held that position until the end of King Noah's reign in 1651. Thereafter the position was held vacant by King Vilhjalm.

As Royal Milker, her tasks involved preparing the King for his performing of his duties as husband to his "Lady Wife Divine" (the prostitute imposter calling herself Lady Elwynn) and "Lady Wife Mortal" (Kaiseress Noor), ensuring the constant ability of lactation for the "Divine Wife" for King's pleasure, and collecting any remaining bodily fluids of the King for safekeeping, so that no person would find it and use it to fertilize another woman's egg and thereby give the King an unwanted heir. Such collection occurred daily. She underwent a breast augmentation in 1635 paid for by her employer.

Following the Auspicious Occasion in 1651, Maltína Höggjasdóttir was arrested, cross-examined, and debriefed, before being released to a workers' colony as a protected person in 1653. In the colony, she took on reeducation, becoming a licensed sanitation technician (using the sanitation skills she learnt in the court of King Noah). She specialized in chemical spills. She became a senior chemical sanitation technicial in 1658, and a managing chemical sanitation technician in 1662, becoming popular among her colleagues for the success rate in training new recruits in the profession.

Of her time in servitude to the Daemonic Vanic State, she said very little, only retelling the pitty she felt for the Kaiseress before any night the Kaiseress would spend with the King. Maltína was for all purposes a redeemed woman in the workers’ colony, showing intense loyalty for the Imperial Republic. She would carry with her a picture of Kaiser Ayreon IV, caressing it often and praying "may the real Lady Elwynn bless his heart". In a statement to media in 1663, she said that she was grateful for the Auspicious Occasion, calling it the best thing to have happened to her life. "It saved me and all the other women like me."

Due to her position in the Royal Court, she never married and mothered no children.

She died in mid 1666 after a short period of illness.