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Copied from Solaralwiki This article is about Nelaga as an island region in the Jasonian Archipelago. For information about the Nelaga Territories as a micronation, see: Nelaga Territories


Nelaga Island is the central island of the Jasonian Archipelago, and is the largest island by far. It houses the country's capitol of Nelagsara, its largest city of Nova Kajar, the ruined cities of Kajar and Thassala, and many parks, geographical locations, and other sites of note. It is one of the oldest populated areas of Micras, with a history and culture reaching back close to the very foundation of the sector, and has played many important political, economic, and cultural roles in Micras world affairs.


Nelaga has been under many different administrations: AFTP, Jasonian, Apollo Foundation, Aerlig, Zindarian, Novatainian, and finally Nelagan. Each country has had a different vision for Nelaga and the the surrounding territories, but most of them have involved respect for ancient historical sites of interest as well as the environment.

For the full history of Nelaga and the rest of the region, see the Jasonian Archipelago article.


Cities and Towns

Nova Kajar is the largest city in the entirety of the Nelaga Territories and served as the capital from 3427 to 3955 MCS.

Nelagsara is the new capital city as of 3955 MCS but is still under construction. It is located on the top of Mt. Urojea, at the sites of the ruins of the old Jasonia Palace that have since been cleared.

Thassala Bone was the former capital of Zindaria and became the colonial administrative headquarters of Novatainia. Though the city's population is decreasing as the rest of the county grows, it remains an important city.

Lekuan Pass is the largest city in the Urojea range and a major destination and rest area for travelers ascending the mountain. The ancient Fort Lekuan still watches over the twin Lori Bridge and Anne Bridge that pass over the mighty waterfall.

Agarat Valley is the largest of the valley villages located within the Urojea Range. It is most known for being the headquarters of the Agarat Valley Conglomerate, an agriculture and chemical organization that coordinates sales from the region.


Kajar was the Jasonian center of economics and general culture. Like all Jasonian cities, it was almost completely destroyed in 705 ACS during the fall of the islands.

Thassala, the home of Jasonia's courts as well as a sizable immigrant population from Tapfer, was also destroyed in the fall of Jasonia.

Jasonia Palace once stood upon the Urojea plateau but has since been demolished.

Other Sites

Bryden Reserve is a newly-established national park in southwest Nelaga.

Massat Memorial Forest is a popular park in eastern Nelaga

Cloudmist Falls is one of the largest, tallest, highest-volume waterfalls in the world and is the main source of Lake Urojea. Geologists have studied the falls for centuries, trying to find its mythical source.

The Nimbus Road was the original, winding path from Kajar to Jasonia Palace. Many sections of the road enter the cave system of the Urojea range for extensive times, leading many to believe it is unsafe or, at best, too long and meandering. The road is still open to the public, but many find Skyway One a more convenient route.

Skyway One is a major highway running from Nova Kajar to Nelagsara, passing through Lekuan Pass and with connections to the other valley villages along the way. The highway was funded and built by the Nelaga Restoration Committee during the reconstruction of the country to provide a more reliable and direct high-volume route through the mountain range to support expected increased traffic from the new capital to the economic center of the country.

Facts about Nelaga


Nelaga Island, like Maraguo, Armoria, and Solaria, is based strongly on the geography of the Kingdom of Zeal from the SNES RPG Chrono Trigger. Due to Jasonia's status as one of the first Apollo nations, their maps (stolen blatantly from screenshots of the game) were translated directly into the islands of the MCS, reproducing their general geography faithfully.

Nelaga Island used to refer to the combination of Nelaga, Provos, and Aquata islands, as the latter two are almost entirely surrounded by Nelaga, but eventually the three were recognized as distinct, seperate land masses.


Nelaga is quartered into four, distinct sections based on general topography and climate.

Western Nelaga is a forested region broken in majority only by the works of man. The largest city in Nelaga, Nova Kajar, is located in this region, as is the ruins of the old city of Kajar nearby. This section of Nelaga is by far the most populated and busiest, containing the political and economic enters of the enter country. In the southwest of the region lies the national park of Bryden Reserve, named after the small forested village of Bryden that has since it itself become part of the park.

In the north towers the 'Urojea Range, a rugged mountainous region with an extensive cave system and many villages, such as Agarat Valley focusing on mining or farming. The tallest mountain in the range is Mt. Urojea itself, with its peak at 3418 m. The peak, unusually flat, was the site of the ancient city-fortress capitol of Jasonia Palace before the country's destruction, and the site has recently been cleared to house the new capital city of Nelagsara. In the older days, the only reliable path through the range was the Nimbus Road, a winding mountain road that enters the expansive cave system twice on its climb up the mountains. Today, Skyway One, a major highway, has been constructed using modern methods to allow a much faster, smoother, and less-winding accent up the mountain. Both the Nimbus Road and Skyway One pass through Lekuan Pass, the largest city within the mountain range itself and a major historical site of old.

To the south lies the Nelaga Lowlands, a swampy, jungle area dominated by the massive Lake Urojea. A large part of this territory is undeveloped and unpouplated, making it a very popular area for logging, fishing, and general nature studies, as well as outdoorsmen seeking hunting, camping, boating, and other outside hobbies. Provos and Aquata islands are in this region and are connected to Nelaga Island by a series of bridges.

Eastern Nelaga is a more rural area with the majority of the area being devoted to agriculture. The only major settlement in the area, thassala Bone, has an economy centered around the massive Chromium mines in the Urjoea foothills. Nearby Massat Memorial Forest, is a popular hunting spot.

Name Origin

The name "Nelaga" is a meaningless combination of syllables, the word itself having been created to name the island and holding no other meaning. Like Maraguo, Urojea, and other names in the area, the name was designed to fit the "feel" of Chrono Trigger names such as Enhasa and Kajar.