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Maraguo Vrystaat

Official languages: English, Dutch, Frisian, Afrikaans
Capital: Ardy's Reach
Largest Cities: Ardy's Reach, Kerkboran, Ehhasa, Deir-ul-Seyde,Wilhelmstaad, Port Malarbor
Date founded: June 16, 2008

Number of residents: 10
Number of active vryholders: 7

Independence: Part of Batavian Commonwealth
Government: Groote Schuur
Current leader: Vryheer Jacobus Loki, temperory replaced by Senechal Jonas
Currency: Kruys

Demonym: Maraguan, Maraguoian,


National animal: Mylittlepony
National fruit/food: Kiwi fruit
National drink: KiWine
Nation's Total GDP: N/A

(A work in progress)

Maraguo Vrystaat is part of the Kingdom of Batavia. It's culture is heavily influenced by Shireroth, and shows Jasonian and Matbaan influences as well.

Maraguo occupies roughly the southern 2/3rds of what was called Redoubt Island, and is in part a result of the War of Jeremy's Nose. The island was the prize in the war and was claimed by Shireroth. Since the MCS refused to allow Shireroth any further Micran territory, the island was partitioned between it's main allies in the war, Batavia and Interland.


Nr. Name parcel Administrative center Province Vryholder
1 ??? ??? Ardyboran Imperial Area (Shireroth)
2 Ardy's Reach Ardy's Reach Ardyboran Jacobus Loki
3 ??? ??? Ardyboran ???
4 Prodigy's nest Kerkboran Ardyboran Prodigy
5 ??? ??? Ardyboran Royal Area (Batavia)
6 ??? ??? Ardyboran ???
7 ??? ??? Enhasa Province ???
8 ??? ??? Enhasa Province ???
9 ??? ??? Enhasa Province ???
10 ??? ??? Enhasa Province Jeroen van Veen
11 Enhasa Enhasa Enhasa Province Jonas Windsor
12 Wilhelmstaad Deir-ul-Seyde Enhasa Province Wilhelmus
13 ??? ??? Enhasa Province ???

Map parcels Maraguo.png

Historical Fact – the Invasion by Mar Sara

The only time Maraguo gained the major international news spotlight was when Mar Sara inexplicitly invaded the city of Enhasa. A Mar Saran cargo plane landed near the city of Enhasa and turned out to be a military transport instead carrying sixty-two soldiers. Being so far into Jasonian territory, Enhasa had no military garrison or walls and the Mar Sarans easily subdued the local Enhasan police force and took over the city.

Some official in Enhasa managed to radio for help and Jasonia Palace and the Armory began working on a military operation to free the city. However, a local Shirerothian paratrooper unit had been training with the Jasonian military that day and they asked for the honor of fighting Hubert’s forces. As this was during the height of the Hubert Wars and both nations were on close terms and dedicated to fighting Mar Sara and other Hubert territories, the Flying Islands agreed and gave Shireroth full control over the mission. Two dozen Shirerothians paradropped from Jasonian Blackbirds just west of Enhasa and advanced on the city. The actual fighting only lasted several minutes; most of the Mar Sarans surrendered en mass in the face of actual military resistance. The Shirerothians quickly secured and searched the city and turned over authority back to local Jasonians. The entire occupation lasted about 5 hours. The death toll was 6 Mar Sarans with over a dozen wounded, 0 Shirerothians dead with 4 wounded and 1 critically, but all recovered and survived and were given medals of honor for their valor.

Most of the Mar Saran military was deported with a few leaders kept in custody for interrogation. The Mar Saran officers knew nothing of the operation other than the obvious. At first the FIoJ military officials held the opinion that the officers simply were not privy to the rest of the plan but soon came to the conclusion that there in fact was no actual plan – that Mar Sara somehow thought they’d just get away with taking over a Jasonian city. Given the terrible training and equipment shown by the Mar Saran forces, it was a stupid enough story to be believable.

Though there was some slight embarrassment on the part of Jasonia for letting Mar Sara gain a foothold on the mainland, no matter how short they held it or poorly they planned it, almost all experts agreed that any military effort that actually held a chance of holding Maraguo would have been on a large enough scale to not go unnoticed and thus would have been thwarted by the air force before ever landing on the island. Conversely, the fast response time by the government and the efficiency and training shown by the Shirerothian paratroopers helped instill confidence in both nations that the Hubert Wars were going to end with an overwhelming victory in their favor.