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Maximos (aka Max, Moshe Goltz, Maksym Hadjimehmetov, etc.) founded the Zatriarchate of Matbaa on 2nd of December 2005, entering Micronationalism via the Seccessionist Kingdom of Kemetia and short-lived Simulationist micronation of Satsova, which he founded with another former Matbaic, Yohann Et Izo Sarwa.

Matbaa and the CIS

Max entered and founded the Zatriarchate as the nation's 1st actual Zatriarch and 103rd simulationlist Zatriarch, Maximillideus I. After reigning as Zatriarch through Matbaa's height and eventually to his stepping down in favour of Sfeir VI (Wilhelm von Benkern) in 2007. After the reigns of Ostatheos III and Mikaelos-Sfeir I, Edwards left micronationalism formally in November 2007, although he had been active for some time before then. Edwards was briefly the leader of the Confederacy of Independent States after a poll vote- his reign lasting only one week. Being the favoured successor of Zayid Al-Ani as leader of the CIS, Edwards became disillusioned with the organisation and largely was responsible for drawing Matbaa out of the Lovely Sector with which it had been associated. His leaving micronationalism coincided exactly with the division of Matbaa into the Zatriarchate of Matbaa and Ecumenical Synody of Matbaa in 2007- despite his having foiled plans to merge Matbaa and Houland (now known as Verac) into the Holy Christian Empire. Remnants of Matbaa now live on as Antican Suryo and Babkha's Ostan-i-Kefrzeh (briefly independent for a few weeks as the Republic of Kefr Zeh). Edwards is still claimant to the Matbaic Zatriarchal line, and has styled himself as His All Holiness Zatriarch Maximillideus II, Matbaic Orthodox Zatriarch in Exile since early 2008.

Kazar and other Micronations

Between his inactivity after leaving Matbaa and joining Shireroth, Max founded- along with some other disillusioned former Matbaics- many small and failed micronations, the remnants of which can still be found somewhere in the internet. These included Yevkharistan, Altinstan, Hanseburg, Vazelea, Demerzea, Hansebau, Arzhania, Rudnaria, and the Kazar Cossack Republic. His return to Shireroth was also marked by the founding of the Kazari People's Republic, a Communist Micronation which in 2008 had become a rare sight after the death of Kampong, Wachensburg, and Novaya Zemlya. Edwards was the first and last Chairman of the Kazari People's Revolutionary Party, under the name Makzim Makmaduular. An attack on the capital of the People's Republic- Arzhav- by Monarchist forces under the deposed Bogd Khaan, led by Babkhan warlord Ardashir Khan, is believed to be mainly responsible for the inactivity of the People's Republic which killed it in the Summer of 2008


Max then decided upon joining an existing nation, Shireroth, re-emerging as the Count of Modan-lach in December 2007 in Shireroth, changing his name from Maximos Qutreh Bar Idwharioun to Maksym Hadjimehmetov. Later that month, he was made Baron of K'tzuni. As Count of Modan-Lach he pursued a highly centralized policy of economic development and intends to develop the small county into a cultural hub of Southern Shireroth. Development with the Laqi language gave his barony a cultural name for itself, but Hadjimehmetov's support for Mors V and his bombing of the Elwynn Sluice in January 2007 during the Shirereithan Civil War at that time caused him to resign Shirereithan citizenship at protest for unfair administration and bias against his faction in the Civil War. He then founded the Provisional Free State of K'Tzuni from the Barony of K'Tzuni as a protest and a right to place Mors V back on the Shirereithan Throne. His prominence in Shireroth rose after this event, founding the new County of Ž, city maps for many of the major settlements in Brookshire, and eventually in December 2008 becoming Chief Wikifier, as well as numerous positions in the Cedrist Clergy, such as Acolyte of B'Caw, Yuuurgh, and Señor Mysterioso. Like many other Shirereithans, he is an active claimant to the Shirereithan throne, though like any good citizen remains loyal to His Niftiness.


Max was for a few months a member of the MCS' Administration Council throughout the split with the MCS and GSO, which damaged the Anglophone Micronational Sector substantially during that time. As Special Cartographer for the organisation, he designed a Sea Depths Map of Micras.


In a bout of extreme irony, the former Zatriarch of Matbaa joined the Kingdom of Babkha and was employed as a Kurtash in the Imperial Babkhan Armed Forces. He was responsible for drawing Babkha and Ashkenatza into a military alliance- known as the Rozenkhan Protocols in November 2008- and is currently in waiting to recieve an Ostan in Babkha to administer.


Founding the Republic of Ashkenatza in August 2008 with Hacham Juhurov- otherwise known as Hesam Shahanshah- Edwards became Foreign Minister of the nation and founded and ran the Ashkenatzer Algemeyner Bund, a socialist party, in the first ever elections there. He remains one of the more active figures in Ashkenatza's Government and now states that 'Ashkenatza, Babkha, and Shireroth are his niche in Micronationalism'.


Max has an obscene amount of aliases he's used throughout micronationalism over the years. These include:

  • MehmetXII
  • Mahmud Khan Qutreh
  • Maximos Qutreh Bar Idwharioun
  • Massimo dei Rossentalli
  • Maksym Matbaiovich Hadjimehmetov
  • Makzim Makmaduular
  • Makzym Izaak Rozenthal
  • Maximillideus Shedounah Bar Idwharioun
  • Yahya Akbar Khan
  • Sheriguul Oorzhak
  • Yeren Tugan Dorji