Mandate of Tellia

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Mandate of Tellia
Tellia Flag.png


Feudal Status: Imperial Protectorate
Capital: Scoglitto
Largest Cities:

Local Leadership Title: Capitani Reggenti
Local Government: Consiglio Grande e Generale
Current leader: Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion

Local language: Tellian
Local Religion: Holodomatic Cedrozurvanism

The Mandate of Tellia, historically known as Hither Tellia, is an imperial protectorate established in 1650. It consists of the nominally independent city Scoglitto, as well as the Transamarr (Hither Tellia) region under effective military Shirerithian control.

The Shirerithian census 1656 estimated the Tellian population to be:

Tellia Citizens Denizens Total
Transamarr 6,117 619,199 625,316
Scoglitto 2,103 234,500 236,603
Total 8,220 853,699 861,919

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