Intermicronational Currency Exchange Organization

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Taken from the old ICEO website located here. The Intermicronational Currency Exchange Organization An intermicronational body dedicated to the exchange of micronational currencies and the pursuit of free trade across intermicronational borders. Each member state within this organization has it's own currency, trade policies and stock market. The ICEO has been set up to regulate across intermicronational borders, trade and currency transactions between it's members to ensure that all micronations involved will have fair access to each other's markets. The ICEO summit, held in Kajar Beta, Flying Islands of Jasonia, is an ongoing discussion of trade policies that affect each micronation and the resolutions that are brought before this summit, are to further reinforce fair trade practices throughout the micronations involved. The Members of the ICEO consist of the Ministers of Economics of each respective micronation. The micronations that currently make up the ICEO are: The Flying Islands of Jasonia, The Purple Bunny Federation, The United Apollo States, The [[Republic of Shireroth]], The Imperial Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa, Hyperborea, The Empire of New Bruges and The Barony of Treesia and Fabon.