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What is a micronation

Some definitions:

A mere drollery??

A micronation is an entity created and maintained as if it were a nation and/or a state, and generally carrying with it some, most or all of the attributes of nationhood, and likewise generally carrying with it some of the attributes of statehood.

Though a micronation may well have begun as a mere drollery, it has the potential (given the evolution of a sufficiently vital national culture) to develop into a true nation, and possibly to achieve statehood. -Peter Ravn Rasmussen

Nation-state simulations

Apart from a few serious secessionist movements, most micronations are essentially nation-state simulations, with varying degrees of seriousness. Unlike role-playing games, micronations have real people who compete for fame, fortune and power, and engage in lively debate and entertainment. Many nations incorporate popular sports and economic simulations.

Ideal environment

Altogether, they are an ideal environment for those who are interested in politics and communities to experiment with and experience different types of government, and to meet a diverse range of interesting people. It's a whole world unto itself...

Only limited by the inventors imagination

Micronations take on varying forms, from the small discussion forum based nation, which can be quite lively to the more complex and sometimes industrial nations who exist both online and offline, with several hundred Active citizens. The scope of micronationalism is only limited by the inventors imagination.

Another conceptualisation scheme which may be useful in understanding micronationalism identify their promotion of one of three "real-world" objectives or two "virtual" objectives.

Real-World Objective

  • they might advocate the status of a state that has real sovereignty in the real world state system;
  • they might present themselves as a model state or a work of political science fiction, which shows how states could or should bedesigned in the real world;
  • they might provide a vehicle for the creation of a national community of the like-minded in the real world.

Virtual Objectives

  • they might present the opportunity of packaging the trappings ofnationhood as the basis of a political role-playing game;
  • they might set themselves up merely as a vehicle for the amusement of their designers, participants or observers.

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Sources for more information

More resources and information is available from


- Micronations.net

You can als do a general search on search engines such as Google or by [http://directory.google.com/Top/Society/Issues/Micronations/ Googles directory listing].

Resource Links

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