Imperial Decree 959

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Liv Dravot, Steward of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, gives praise to the gods of the many Shirerithian Peoples in the name of:

AYREON IV, by the Kharenah of Zurvan, Qaisar Sathratiye, who, by this Imperial Decree, gives unto his subjects and retainers, greetings, and unto the gods of Shireroth, undying and unthinking obsequience.

Know that We, Mibaradardam be Khorshid va Mah Minamaz dadanam Zurvan, have in the first place dedicated to Zurvan this Decree which by his Kharenah is confirmed for Us and our heirs forever.

IMPERIAL DECREE 959: The Shirewiki

  1. The Shirewiki is an encyclopedia of the totality of information pertaining to the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, including its past history and its current political and cultural life, which exists for the benefit of the widest possible readership.
  2. The Shirewiki is a collation of official documents arranged and maintained for the Imperial Government under the auspices of the Ministry of Information within the Ministry of the Interior.
  3. The Shirewiki is open for editing to all current and former citizens (Editors) who are not in a state of active hostility towards the Imperial Republic nor whom have been prohibited from the Shirewiki by order of the Imperial Government.
  4. Violation of these standards will result in warnings and, if necessary, suspension:
    1. No discussion of sexual activity. The only exception is (a) the recording of historical or political events which have contained a sexual element, such as sex scandals or rape cases in the news or (b) cultural practices. All other non-anthropological discussions of sex are prohibited.
    2. Any and all forms of sexual innuendo are prohibited. This includes pictures. What constitutes sexual innuendo will be decided by the Imperial Government.
    3. Any and all forms of "cyber-sex" are prohibited, punishable by a suspension no less than two weeks for the first offence.
    4. Medically correct terminology in lieu of "slang" for purposes of sexual innuendo or "cyber-sex" does not cure the underlying offence in any way.
    5. Posting of sexually suggestive pictures is prohibited. What constitutes sexually suggestive will be decided by the Imperial Government.
    6. Posting of any picture which may be deemed pornographic in any way, soft core or hard core, will result in an instant permanent ban. No appeal will be entertained.
    7. Editors may not, under any circumstances whatsoever, link the general community to any material that may be considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work). A website is considered NSFW if it cannot be viewed employees of the Government of any internationally recognised sovereign jurisdiction. A link to otherwise appropriate material on a website known to host NSFW material is permitted, provided that the link is directly to the appropriate material and the link is clearly marked as "may contain NSFW material."
  5. Unless it is stated otherwise, all first offences carry an official warning. All second offences carry a suspension, with the time determined by the Imperial Government. The Imperial Government may choose to punish a first offence with a suspension for exceptionally egregious, blatant and terrible violations of these standards. The Imperial Government reserves the further elaborate upon these standards as circumstances necessitate.

We have caused the Seal of the Steward to be affixed to this Decree which We have signed with Our Hand.
Given at the Keep this 12th Day of Fasmas in the year after the death of Norton one thousand six hundred and fifty one.